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Thanksgiving @ Chicago 2日目
Black Friday。それは、サンクスギビング(11月の最終木曜日)深夜&翌金曜日朝に行われるセールのことを言います。サンクスギビングを迎えてクリスマスシーズンがやってくるということもあり、たくさんの人が買い物に繰り出します。クリスマスショッピングの第一幕ってとこでしょうか。
ともあれ戦利品を一度ホテルに置いた後はランチ。楽しみにしていたシカゴピザを食べにGino's Eastに行きました。お客さんの寄せ書きで埋まった壁と少し暗めのライトのお店はにぎやか。私たちは正午直前に入店したのだけれど、ピザを待っている間外を見たらあっという間に行列ができていました!シカゴピザとは、深い鉄鍋のまま焼いたピザのことで、見た目ピザタルトです。また、普通のピザとは逆でトッピングの上にトマトソースとチーズがかかっているのも特徴。ザクザクとピザを切り分けてお皿にのせるとトマトソースとチーズがとろーっと流れ落ちてきます。ちなみにこちらのお店のクラストはコーンミールが入っていて黄色い色と甘み、ほろほろした食感がおいしかったです。

Nordstrom. Say cheese with Lego-granny : )

Deep pan at Gino's East. I never imagined it to be this deep... probably about 2 inches! Could work for Chinese dumplings.

After our first Thanksgiving obviously came our first Black Friday. Travelling with a toddler, we knew we didn't want to be roaming around town at midnight or 3 in the morning but luckily the shops on the Magnificent mile mostly opened at 8am, so we started the day at a healthy 7am.The deals weren't as incredible or unbelievable as I had heard before hand, but I still went around shops that are not around Ann Arbor and got some moderate deals. 
After a long shopping morning (and lego... Kanata just could not get enough of the shop!), we checked out from the hotel to go to today's highlight destinationChicago Museum: ... Oh of course after some lunch. For lunch we went to Gino's East, a restaurant famous for their chicago style pizza. We were actually very lucky to be able to sit without a wait, because soon after us people started to cue up and I really felt rather sorry as I looked at all the people standing in the cold from my table. Anyhow onto the meal. I really enjoyed this unique tomato and cheese loaded deep pan pizza. The crust was interesting too - with corn meal, it was a little sweet and crumbly. 
At the Chicago Museum I truly loved being surrounded by countless artwork, including super famous artists, like Gogh and Rosetti. As we walked through the galleries I was seeing the well known artworks in a completely different perspective, as if it was the first encounter with them. We saw the Impressionism, Medieval art, and limited exhibit of arms and armour, and also saw some Japanese and Asian art on the way back. The whole experience was so refreshing to the mind and soul. I hope Kanata felt the same way, too. By the way, there was something that intrigued me about the people in the museum... There were a LOT of people taking photos in the galleries! is that okay in the US? 
After the museum we headed straight home and returned at 8pm - a most awkward timing both for dinner time and bath time. I completely forgot about the one hour time difference! So we ate supper in a rush, opted for a quick shower, and finally crashed out on the bed all together filled with pleasant fatigue.

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